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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 32

"Oh no." Skylar kept repeating between erratic breaths as they circled Emily.

"It's okay Skylar." Emily pushed down on her arm a little harder, already feeling the blood flow slowing. "I'm going to be just fine."

"But your inner fluids are leaking!" Skylar got louder.

"It's just a small scratch." Emily reached out her free hand, catching Skylar's arm. "No need to panic. The bleeding will stop soon. What I need you to do is get the first aid kit so we can can clean up my arm."

"Where?" Skylar had stopped yelling thankfully, but their breathing was still shallow.

“The first aid kit is in the kitchen cabinet under the silverware drawer. It's a white container with a red cross on the front." Emily held out her arm. "Lead me to the back door and I can handle the rest."

"Okay Emily." Skylar took their first deep breath since they had laid eyes on the bright red inner fluid of humans start leaking out of Emily's arm. Skylar slowly walked with Emily to the back door.

"Meet me in the laundry room with the kit."

"I'll be quick." Skylar assured Emily before they let go and started moving deeper into the house.

"I've got it!" Skylar returned, the contents if the first aid kit rattling as they moved.

"Good." Emily nodded towards the table. "Set it down, open it up, and there should be individually packaged antiseptic wipes."

Skylar brushed past her and Emily flinched at the clunk the first aid kit made when being set on the table. There was rustling and then Skylar tapped Emily's shoulder.

"Found it!"

She tilted her head away. "Good. Hand me the wipe." The plastic crinkled as Skylar tore it open. Emily took the wipe and gently rubbed it up and down the cut and the skin surrounding it. When it felt like all the tacky drying blood was gone Emily dropped the dirty wipe into the trash. "Now I need some gauze and then some of the white medical tape."

More rustling while Skylar quietly repeated the items. Emily washed her hands in the meantime. "Got them."

Emily held out her hands. The roll of gauze bounced gently before she curled her fingers around it. Bending her arm to hold the starting end in place, Emily wound the gauze along her forearm, covering the wound. She tucked the ends of the gauze in. "And give me two pieces of the tape, a couple inches long." Emily tapped the gauze to itself and then tested it by bending and twisting her arm.

"All good?" Skylar asked.

"Yeah." Emily grinned. "See? I'm fine."

"Good." Skylar sighed. "Otherwise John would have killed me." Emily laughed.

Word count: 450

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