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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 292

Raymundo pulled up Star Surfer's blueprints. Much of it was the original stuff, but there was a whole section of newer pipes and furniture. Like much of the ship, it had to be activated before it could be used.

"Let's activate the water closet." He told Start Surfer's interface. He tucked the small room by the activated need bay.

It even had a door that would shut and lock once inside, which was odd for the ship. Though it wasn't odd for a bathroom on Earth.

Raymundo could stretch his arms out to either side and touch opposite walls, but for a tiny room, his ancestor had managed to squeeze everything in.

One corner had the shower, though on the ship the walls would rise up from the floor when someone stepped inside. The toilet had a tank, and above the tank was the sink, which Raymundo was pretty sure wasn't an idea of most humans at the time his ancestor designed the space.

"Test water to and from addition WCE1." The small sink turned on, Raymundo watched the water swirl down the drain, hearing the stream echo in the tank. Then the water paused for a moment, before more water came from the faucet, this time steaming hot. After a couple moments the sin turned off and the toilet flushed.

Raymundo crossed his fingers, and thankfully the water quickly swirled away and the bowl filled up as normal.

The clouded glass for the shower came up, a quiet hiss the warning to either get in or get out. Raymundo stayed out for now, peering through the glass.

He heard a gurgle, and he leaned forward. There was a rattle, but when Raymundo expected water, nothing came out. He sighed and knocked on the glass wall. The faucet gurgled again before a portion of the wall lowered enough for him to step in.

Raymundo tried changing the angle of the shower head, and different temperatures, but still no water came out. “Diagnostic please.”

“There appears to be a clog.”

Raymundo sighed. “Which sector?” The ship rattled off a sector. “Okay, turn off water, and open panel to sector.”

Tonight, instead of a mechanic, Raymundo was going to be a plumber.

Word count: 370

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