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Week 48 Recap and Week 49 Preview


I wrote 2,664 words this week! It was a pretty easy week actually. Fought procrastination efficiently this week.

It may not have been too difficult to write, but there were still stories which turned out better in the end. Palimpsest was a fun word, and I liked being able to tie it in with the Qwortarian librarian. For whatever reason singleton was difficult, at least until I narrowed down focus on the conversation and not leading up to it with an introduction to Becky’s mother.

Trenchant was the most difficult word this week. It was hard to figure out how to use it, and then trying to come up with a scenario in which to be used. Because of all this, I would call this the worst short this week.

Ventricle was fun and inspired by my gym teacher in elementary school. The obstacle courses and games she had for us made it fun to play and move and exercise. If that kind of fun was continued past elementary school, maybe gym class wouldn’t have been such a pain in later years. Weasel was also fun, though I’m not sure I did the moment the full justice it deserved.

X-ray was another weird one. Easy to use, but the scenario around it was a bit more difficult to put together in five hundred words or less. It does fit in with Ray’s paranoia about being found out so it would fit in well with that plot at least.

It was a good week, and I’m excited to see what’s coming up!



Will week 49 be as simple as as the last? I hope so since this last month of the year is a busy whirlwind. Let’s see if I’m lucky two weeks in a row.

December 5th: za

December 6th: wound

December 7th: clog

December 8th: guttle

December 9th: literally

December 10th/11th: moisturizer

Maybe week 49 will be as simple, or more simple than week 48. Only one word I had no idea of the meaning, and another I probably could have guessed if I knew it was short for something. The rest are all words I’m familiar with, and most I can see being used in scenarios that are fitting with the plot. So that’s cool.

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