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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 291

Becky smiled when her new cat Lucky immediately latched onto Ray. His protests sounded weak when the little fur ball was curled up in his lap. It was so adorable Becky took dozens of pictures, much to Raymundo's chagrin.

"She likes you so much better." Becky whined as she sat next to him, giving a stink eye to the cat who couldn't care less.

"I don't know why." He grumbled. He didn't really do anything to garner this much affection. He didn't feed them, brush them, give them treats, clean the litter box, or pet the cat much.

Becky reached out and scratched the cat behind their ears. "Because cats do what they want." Lucky's ears twitched and they started shaking their head.

"Or maybe it's because you stink." Raymundo smirked, flinching when Becky hit his arm. It didn't hurt, more of a playful swipe than an actual hit, but Lucky must have thought Becky was a threat.

The cat hissed and leapt from Ray’s lap. The claws were out and before Becky could move, they sunk into her arm.

“Ow!” And so did Lucky’s teeth. “Get off!” While Becky tried to pry one of Lucky’s claws from her arm, Raymundo grabbed the cat around its middle and lifted it up, still hissing.

“No! Lucky.” Raymundo scolded, his voice nearly as harsh as the hissing. “Stop. I’m fine.” Lucky stopped trying to claw their way back to Becky, but kept hissing even as Raymundo brought them to the bathroom and placed them in the tub. He managed to shut the door before Lucky could follow them out.

“Are you okay Becky?” He found his girlfriend in the kitchen, running her arm under cold water. “How’s the wound?”

“Tiny, but mighty.” She took her arm out from under the spout to show off the line of pinpricks down her forearm. “Though I think this is…” She counted under her breath. “Ten small wounds.” Ten little spots of blood welled up before she stuck her arm back in the running water. “But I’ll be fine.” She shook her head. “Lucky really likes you.”

“Well, at least we learned we can’t play fight with her around.” Raymundo prepared himself for another swat to his arm. Becky snorted instead. “Do you want me to take Lucky?”

“No Ray. You don’t like cats.”

“If you’re sure, I’ll call it a night.”

“Good night.” Becky stepped closer to Ray and pushed up to her tip toes to kiss him. They smiled at each other before he did leave.

Word count: 422

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