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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 290

There was always going to be a soft spot in Skylar's heart for pizza as their first meal on Earth. So while the mall for court was filled with other options, delicious smells filling the air, Skylar drifted to the pizza place more often than not.

Even when the line was long. Skylar shifted from foot to foot, catching glimpses of the person making the pizzas and the cashier.

Someone behind them sighed really loudly. Skylar turned their head, trying not to make it obvious. A young man wearing a black hoodie, dirty gym shoes, and ripped jeans sighed again as they turned to another, similarly dressed teen.

"How long does it really take to make a personal za?" While Skylar put the pieces together on what he was talking about his friend sighed. Earth teenagers had some of the most dramatic sighs.

"I don't know man. But I am starving."

"Same." Skylar said. Both boys looked at them, in the most passive surprised face Skylar had seen on a human. And they had spent significant hours studying facial expressions in human media. Their mouth stayed closed, and their eyebrows barely moved.

"Can we help you?" The first boy asked.

"Er..." A thought flickered through Skylar's mind to ask these two about edible plants and such, but remembered John's lecture about keeping a low profile. "I guess not." Skylar shrugged and turned back around.

They could feel the eyes of those two, feel the breaths of their whispers. Skylar licked their lips, and pressed their together, it was weird, how wet lips lead to dry cracked ones.

One of many mysteries to humans, including why there were compelled to shorten words which were already short.

“Can I help you?”

“Oh,” Skylar stepped up to the counter, glanced at the menu, though they had known what they wanted since they got in line. “Personal pizza with everything.”

The boys snorted, but Skylar was so busy keeping their drool in their mouth to even think about what the two people behind them meant by the pig noises. Later they would have a chance to reflect and realize the insult, but for the moment, Skylar was too excited to eat their pizza.

Word count: 369

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