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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 289

Becky arrived as quick as she could, knuckles white against the steering wheel as Ray’s coworkers helped him into the car. “Thanks.” She said, not smiling, but her grimace softening a little as he groaned. “We’ll call you when we’ve got news.”

It wasn’t until Becky started driving, that Ray began to protest. “No hospital.”


“Star Surfer.”

His request for her rather than an ambulance suddenly made sense. “No! Something is clearly wrong with your ankle, what if it is worse than you think?”

“Star Surfer is fully equipped to handle what can go wrong in the human body.” A pot hole caused the whole car to bounce, shaking his ankle, and he screamed.

“All they need to do is an x-ray-” A blue mini-van jerked into Becky’s lane without using their turn signal. Becky slammed the brakes, causing Ray to scream again. “We need to get you to the hospital!” She screamed back once it was safe for her to start driving again.

“Everything will be fine if you just take me to the ship Becky!”

Becky wasn’t sure what else to do, so instead of following the blue arrow to the hospital, she turned down the highway which would take them as close to Star Surfer as they could get by car. “All right alien, how am I supposed to get you to the ship from the lookout point?”

“Uh,” Raymundo rubbed his face. “I don’t know. But I can’t go to the hospital.”

“Can you shape shift into a form that would be easier for me to carry?”

“I think so.” He wrapped his arms around himself. “But I have to be careful, I’m not one hundred percent sure how the injury will affect things. I never asked Lucky to clarify.”

“Great.” Becky sighed. “You grew a finger back though, can’t you grow your ankle back straight again?”

“I, uh, I’m not knowledgeable enough about anatomy to be that precise.”


“Will it will be safe trying to shape shift?”

“Since the injury is no where near my phenogland, yes.”

“Try to make yourself smaller so I can carry you to Star Surfer.”

Raymudno took a couple deep breaths, closing his eyes and focusing. There was little traffic on this stretch of road, so he slowly shrunk himself as Becky drove the last couple miles. When his body was the size of a seven year old, himself as a seven year old if he was being precise, he looked over at Becky with his big brown eyes.

“Is this good?” Even his voice was the little kid voice, and Becky’s heart melted.

“Yeah, that’ll work.” She spoke softly as she pulled into the lookout spot.

Word count: 449

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