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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 288

Even with John’s reassurances that Hannah was trying to be nice, and not jealous or mean spirited like some of his previous girlfriends, Emily wouldn’t have gone to Hannah’s sleepover without Skylar. A new place, new people, she needed at least one person she could trust for leading her and being her eyes.

Emily stayed with the group most of the time, but after Skylar lead her to the bathroom, Emily trusted herself, her cane, and following the group of giggles back so there was no one waiting for her after she emerged from the bathroom.

Or at least, she wasn't expecting anyone.

"Hey Emily." The sudden voice in what Emily had perceived to be an empty hall at first made her jump. “Sorry.”

"That’s okay uh," Emily struggled to put a name to the voice.



"You're good."

"Bathroom's all yours." Emily sidestepped with her back against the wall to free the doorway. The paint was smooth, and the wall slightly cool.

"Actually I wanted to talk to you."

"Oh." Emily tilted her head, wrapping her fingers more tightly around the cane. "What about?"

"Are you sure there's nothing going on between you and John?" Emily laughed.

"Did Hannah put you up to this?"


Emily rolled her eyes without moving her head, grateful for her dark glasses, but answered honestly and calmly. "There is nothing romantic going on between John and I."

"How about John and Skylar?"

"Look, Ashley." Emily flicked her wrist to extend her cane, pointing in the general direction of the other girl, hoping it made Ashley flinch. "Whether Hannah put you up to it, or it is your own misguided intentions to look out for your friend, please don't ask me John's business. Either go directly to him with your concerns, or just stand back." Emily rapped the tip of her cane on the ground. "Trying to weasel your way into his business through me is not going to get anywhere, okay?"

Emily waited just a moment for an answer, before heading off down the hall towards the laughter.

Ashley never said anything about the hallway meeting.

Word count: 354

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