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Week 47 Recap and Week 48 Preview


I wrote 2,612 words this week! It was a nice week I think.

Plot wise, I don’t think the meal story has much significance, though it would have more than lit’s story. The kraken short is a weird one, though I could tie in, if not the moment Skylar is talking about it, the legend itself to some over arching plot that has bounced around a little in my mine. Harangue’s definition was difficult to work with and I’m not sure it would be of much use to me either. The story using geriatric actually might be the most plot relevant if I decide to use Inquirus as a major player in the story.

It was a nice week and I enjoyed it. Now is the time to keep pushing forward, because I’m five weeks away from the end.



Time to see what week 48 has in store for me, the week that will straddle the end of November and the beginning of December.

November 28th: palimpsest

November 29th: singleton

November 30th: trenchant

December 1st: ventricle

December 2nd: weasel

December 3rd/4th: x-ray

All right then. This doesn’t happen very often, but my spell check has not marked any of this week’s words as incorrect. Even palimpsest, which is one of two words I don’t recall having seen before. Or at least I haven’t used palimpsest or trenchant before. Two new words, and four that I already know, I hope that translates for a fairly simple week.

It’s time to buckle down and use every technique I know to fight procrastination, because this is the countdown to the busiest holiday of the year, but clearly I like challenges.

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