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Week 46 Recap and Week 47 Preview


I wrote 2,623 words this week! This week was fun, and luckily not too difficult to fight procrastination.

I wonder how many more words are left in the calendar relating to spit, because I’m not sure how many more I can entangle with the plot point of Skylar getting used to a constantly wet mouth. The prompt for spittle was fun to write though.

Must was a bit difficult, and I probably could have done more with it. Cyst wasn’t too bad, but I feel it is a little boring. Amok, was a fun one to write, even if the definition is anything but fun. Clavicle was a weird one, and I know it is super dialogue heavy, but this idea of exaggerating a shared story, is fun. A little prank that is actually harmless, that idea I enjoyed writing.

Blergh was great. I think it was my favorite this week. Emily and John being a little dramatic. Also pretty dialogue heavy, but I think I was more successful at adding some details to the setting as well.

I hope next week has words as fun as this one!



Let’s see what I’ll have in store for me for next week!

November 21st: geriatric

November 22nd: harangue

November 23rd: jawn

November 24th: kraken

November 25th: lit

November 26th/27th: meal

An interesting selection of words this week. My first thought, is since meal is here, in this week which includes Thanksgiving, why didn’t they put it on Thursday instead of kraken? Missed opportunity in my opinion.

Also kraken and jawn are considered misspelled, which seems strange as kraken is a pretty common word now days. And jawn, well, it might be one of the more difficult words to weave in seamlessly. Otherwise, well, harangue is a new word for me and a bit of an odd definition at that. Besides harangue and jawn, all the other words shouldn’t give me too much trouble.

It’s a holiday week with some interesting words and I’m looking forward to it!

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