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Week 45 Recap and Week 46 Preview


I wrote 2,608 words this week! It went pretty smoothly actually, and procrastination wasn’t too big of a factor until Saturday, where I cut it close to my time limit of posting before midnight.

Meaty was interesting, and while it was short and likely not important to the overall plot, I do like the idea of Skylar helping others in need. Nagware was also fun, the idea of nagging wives/girlfriends influencing the name of this software is something I am convinced of. Orifice was… well, why not try my hand at bits of other genres if all I have to write is 100-500 words? Though I’m not sure a description of the horror movie was my best attempt at horror, it certainly was not my worst.

Pupil took a bittersweet turn, but wasn’t … I feel like I could have done more to establish the sibling bond, but it wasn’t terrible. Sauerkraut was a bit of exploring Leama’s backstory as being in the military, in honor of veteran’s day.

Porridge was a bit hard to figure out, but while I could have done more to show how Skylar figures out how to buy themselves enough time to live to reach Earth, I think it is a nice little conflict solved in under 500 words.

I hope next week goes as smoothly as this one.



Another week, another six ugly words. Let’s see what I’ll be dealing with this time.

November 14th: spittle

November 15th: musk

November 16th: cyst

November 17th: amok

November 18th: blergh

November 19th/20th: clavicle

In terms of definitions, this week will be another easy one. Though spellcheck want to correct blergh to bleacher… which is a stretch, and kind of amusing.

Is it fate that I decided to use a shape shifting alien species and the ugly words calendar uses a lot of words related to the human body? Maybe, but who am I to question something that makes my life a little easier? Or at least more straight forward.

It does look like it will be a fun week I’m sure.

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