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Week 44 Recap and Week 45 Preview


This week I wrote 2,510 words! It was nice to know almost all the words and not have to worry about not knowing what to write until I had a chance to look up the word. (Because I rarely remember what the calendar tells me, and even more rarely look up these words the night before. Why? One of this challenge’s great mysteries.) It didn’t always help with procrastination, but overall I think this week went by more smoothly because I wasn’t annoyed about forgetting a new words meaning first thing in the morning.

Ictic was a strange one, and plays it really close to one of my rules about not redoing the same scene just from a different point of view. But it worked out fairly well actually.

A page from the Ugly English Words calendar. November 2 the word bulbous. Includes definition, an opinion on the word, and pictures of bulbous items. Bulging eyes, a raddish, a bulbous nose, and bulbasaur the pokemon.

Bulbous was really fun to write, inspired by the picture that came along in the calendar, featuring a few bulbous things, including the iconic Bulbasaur from Pokemon. So it was fate this character made an appearance.

Lubber… I kind of wanted to write a pirate short, but I didn’t have enough time to really delve into creating new characters. And I was this close to alluding to GarZaCorp as a pirate like organization in order for the use of lubber to make sense, but I guess it works well enough. Though I almost including a line of how Earth slang was quickly becoming known since Skylar and Leama updated the database on Earth and human culture.

Why I created new characters for glutton when I felt to time pressed for lubber came down to it being a weekend. And having more free time. Reflecting on this decision I could have easily used glutton in a similar way with existing characters. Too late now, but Glub is a fun name so they might get to stay. Or I steal their name for some actually plot relevant character.

I enjoyed this week in a way I haven’t always enjoyed the prompts in a while. I have less than ten weeks left, so let’s hope as the busy holiday season threatens to consume even more of what little free time I have, the words are not outrageously difficult to understand or use.



Will there be any new words to learn next week?

November 7th: meaty

November 8th: nagware

November 9th: orifice

November 10th: pupil

November 11th: sauerkraut

November 12th/13th: porridge

Only nagware is a new word to me. Which is another one of those words which wasn’t a word before computers. But if you know what malware is and nagging is, the definition makes perfect sense. This week does look fun and I already have some ideas how to use them.

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