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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 29

The morning stretching exercises was something Skylar usually looked forward too. The fresh air brought by the gentle dawn breeze, and the sunlight chasing away the cold night air.

Skylar thought it was cool to see how far they could stretch" their tentacles within their circle while maintaining a steady body. They were pretty good at it, and the practice helped with other shape shifting attempts.

Today though, they were not enjoying the daily workout. Today, they were stuck next to the most annoying person in class. Today, they had trouble dealing with the hyped up and rude individual who still didn't seem to quite understand the rules. Skylar glared at their classmate, hoping to make them realize the most egregious encroach was not going to be ignored.

Their classmate, Navocosh, was oblivious to the way their tentacles were growing into Skylar's circle. At least, that was the benefit if the doubt Skylar was giving them. Until Navocosh looked over and spun their beak 360°.

The insult was not to be tolerated.

"Get out of my space!" Skylar used their tentacles to push at Navocosh's. They pushed back. The two juveniles found themselves pushing and pulling, clicking and grunting at one another while their tentacles pulsated. Skylar had better leverage. With a grunt they pushed Navocosh's tentacles out of their circle. Navocosh squeezed their body thin, putting extra weight and girth into one of their tentacles, slamming three of Skylar's into the hard cobblestone courtyard.

Skylar screamed, catching the attention of the adult and all the others in class. Skylar could have left it at that and let the adult handle Navocosh. But Skylar retaliated. Shifting one of their free tentacles into a large claw Skylar cut into Navocosh's oversized tentacle.

Viscous fluid seeped from the puncture wounds Skylar inflicted. Navocosh screeched, several octaves higher and a few decibels louder than Skylar.

The adult leading the stretching whistled, two sharp, piercing sounds, which was quickly echoes by other nearby adults. Skylar and Navocosh were quickly surrounded, and pried off of each other. Clicks and clacks overlapped as the juveniles were scolded and Skylar and Navocosh simultaneously defended themselves and blamed the other.

Everyone was well aware of the no fighting policy, so both juveniles were punished according to the damage which was done.

For Skylar that meant suspension and community service for a moon cycle. As well as a public apology required by the school. Their parents added on, or rather took away, other privileges. No flying lessons, no desserts, no friends over, and no television. For the whole suspension and an additional two moon cycles.

It was a lesson thoroughly learned.

Word count: 442

A pink quill with a line trailing behind it. Underneath the quill is "AllisonWrote" written in blue.

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