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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 27

Raymundo flopped onto the ship couch next to Becky, his eyebrows permanently raised to the edge of his forehead. Not long after telling Becky everything she announced they were officially dating. Which Raymundo wasn't opposed too, he was just still trying to wrap his mind around the quick acceptance and persistence.

"Did you figure something out Ray-Ray?" Becky curled into Ray's side, laying her head on his shoulder.

"Uh, bae?"





"Nope." Becky's lips were pursing more and more with each answer Raymundo gave.

"I'm going to be stuck calling you party-pooper if you keep turning down everything else I have."

"Call me that and I will tickle you to death."

Raymundo smirked. "Not if I tickle you first." He twisted and pressed his fingers into her side, running them along her rib cage. She immediately started squirming away, but the armrest of the old couch kept her from getting far.

"Stop!" She squeaked through high pitched laughter. Becky tried to push his hands away, but Ray was relentless. "Ray-Ray!"

Her hands gave up their ineffective assault in his hands and instead reached for his side. He jerked back as a snort escaped his mouth.

"Thought so." She said with a grunt, but the corners of her lips kept twitching up.

"Truce." He held his hands up.

"Fine. For now." She stopped fighting her grin, showing off her crooked front teeth. “But you do need to think of something else to call me.”

“Why are you so obsessed with having a pet name?” Raymundo brought his bare feet onto the couch, tucking them under Becky’s thighs.

“Why are your feet always so cold.” She shivered. “Because they are cute!” She leaned towards Raymundo, draping herself over his bent knees. “And I like the reactions of other people listening to couples calling each other pet names.”

“Weirdo.” Ray smirked.

“I am.” She poked his chest. “But that’s not going to be my pet name.”

Raymundo sighed. “Then what do you want to be called?” Becky tilted her head, some of her long hair, pooling on his legs. He tilted his head to match hers, running his tongue between his teeth while he thought. “How about B?”

Becky repeated it a few times, pressing further into Raymundo with each repetition. “I like it.” She grabbed Ray’s collar and pulled him towards her to give him a peck on the lips.

“Finally.” Ray smiled at her. “Now that we have that settled, we can head to DJ’s for dinner.”

“Ooo. Yes. And let’s be obnoxiously lovey-dovey in front of them.” She clapped her hands.

“But Penny will be obnoxiously snobby about setting us up.”

“And DJ will be on edge.” Becky grinned. “Don’t you want to mess with him?” She walked her fingers up his arm.

“Fine.” Raymundo chuckled. “It’ll be payback for all the times he dragged me along as the third wheel.”

Another quick kiss and the new couple was off for a double dinner date.

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