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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 26

DJ was looking forward to his day off. He had plans of relaxing, and spending the day with his wife and child. The Universe had other plans.

Due to the accumulation of snow over the past two days, and the fact Raymundo had been unable to be contacted, DJ found himself driving Becky’s snowmobile, with her clinging to him, to the only place DJ could think to look after they had searched his empty home.

Several feet of snow was piled up all around the barn. DJ was the first off the snowmobile. As he pulled his helmet off, he turned towards Becky. “Stay out here.”

“Why would he-” Becky took off her helmet as well.

“He inherited it.” DJ placed his helmet down. “Just stay-”

“I’ll follow in five minutes.” Becky grumbled, crossing her arms.

DJ barely managed to crack the door open enough to slide through. “Raymundo!” It was dark, but with careful listening he was still able to hear the humming of the ship. “Ray!” His voice echoed.

Then there was a hiss before a rectangle of white light appeared. DJ sighed which quickly turned into a gasp when the Raymundo which appeared wasn’t the Raymundo DJ was used to seeing.

Raymundo wasn’t very solid, his skin translucent, no hair, bones shrunken, everything inside wiggling when he started waving. “DJ!” He flopped out, making a strange splat sound when he hit the ground. “Look! I figured it out!” Raymundo’s speech was garbled, his small jaw bone becoming crooked from the movement. “I can shape shift!”

“Clearly but-”

“Watch!” Raymundo’s eyes shut and slowly the skin started to become less translucent, his hair started growing back, and his body became more solid.

“Hurry up dude.” DJ glanced over his shoulder, but the strange shouting must have gotten Becky’s attention. Her head poked through the small gap, and she gasped.

“Huh?” Raymundo opened one eye, his skin mostly the regular complexion, but still a little wobbly on the edges. And he was naked. “Becky?” Becky screamed. Raymundo tried to get back into the ship, but his legs collapsed back down when he tried to stand up.

“For all that is holey.” DJ grumbled. He walked over, grabbed Becky by the arm, and despite her scream getting louder he pulled her inside the barn and shut the door. “If you stop yelling we can explain!” He shouted into her ear. She stopped.

DJ heard a thud of the ship floor and glanced back to find Raymundo had disappeared again. “Please tell me your clothes are in there!”

“Yeah!” Raymundo’s voice sounded solid again. DJ pinched the bridge of his nose. Within moments Raymundo hopped out of the ship in his full human form, though quite red in the face.

“Just spit it out.” DJ waved his hand.

“I’m half of a shape shifting alien!” Raymundo blurted.

“Oh.” Becky blinked. “That explains a lot.” The three of them went into the ship for Raymundo to fully explain things to Becky.

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