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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 28

Becky pulled herself into the ship, leaving her muddy boots on the barn floor next to Ray's.


"Hey B!" His voice bounced around the walls. "Command center!" Becky used to wait for Raymundo to activate the guiding lights through the maze he had created, but she knew where she was going now.

Through the kitchen, past the bathroom, loop around a set of walls which were still jammed in the up position, and Becky was in the command center.

Raymundo was sitting on the stool, pictures of Earth from space spread across the giant screen.

"Whoa." She plopped onto the stool next to Raymundo. "Did you hack a satellite or something?"

"No!" Raymundo waved his hands. "These are stored in the ship memory from before they landed."

"So instead of fixing the jammed walls-"

"You know I'm still waiting on the parts B." Ray pat Becky’s thigh. Her retort was cut off by a cacophony of alarms and flashing lights. She slapped her hands over her ears, while Raymundo sprang to his feet, fingers flinging the pictures of Earth to the side to zoom in on the flashing warning across the middle of the screen.

Perimeter breached!

Raymundo swiped down on the screen, bringing down the security cameras he set up on the edge of his inherited property. Most of them Becky could only see the rain coming down hard. One camera, along the treeline by the highway, showed a doe and her fawn grazing where the rain had stopped.

“Wait, does it do that every time DJ or I come close?”

“Not usually.” Raymundo typed a long and complicated code to turn off the alarm system. “I’ve got pictures of you guys and your cars marked as safe.”

“Good.” Becky propped her feet up on Ray’s stool. “DJ told me about the incident when he was nearly cooked.”

“Thankfully,” Raymundo went to sit down, jumping back up when Becky yelped about her toes being squished. He rolled his eyes at her before lifting her feet up and sitting with her legs on his lap. “Thankfully,” he continued, “I figured out how to tweak that part of the system before I accidentally turned off the speakers.”

“And now my fingerprints are in a galactic wide system.” Becky wiggled her fingers.

“Not unless I take the ship back up and sync with an alien satellite hub. Qwotorian or otherwise.” Raymundo rubbed his chin. “If this old thing could even sync.”

“Do you ever plan on flying it?” Becky bent her knees, pulling Raymundo’s stool a couple inches closer. “Since you’ve spent so much time fixing it up.”

“Only if I have too.” Raymundo started massaging her calves. Becky was very quickly distracted from wondering what would make Raymundo leave from his hands working out the knots in her muscles.

Word count: 469

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