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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 282

Hannah ran her fingers along the dresses, soft cotton blends in bright summer colors. Lots of floral patterns, a few stripes, and one dress with large star shapes along the bottom hem and the sleeves, with tiny stars scattered across the rest of the dress. This one she lay across her cart along with a few others.

Ashley was nearby, also tossing dresses over her arm, occasionally holding a particularly ugly dress up to laugh about with Hannah.

“You ready to try them on?” Ashley stood on the other side of the rack Hannah was flipping through.

Hannah glanced at the few dresses she had in the cart. “Yeah, I think I already found the best ones.”

Hannah and Ashley picked dressing rooms next to each other, chatting as they wiggled into dress after dress. They spun in front of the mirrors and then for each other, showing off both the good and the bad.

When older women came into the fitting rooms, they rolled their eyes, but the teens didn’t care. They laughed at the dresses too long, or with shoulder straps falling off. Tugging at dresses too tight around their chests, limiting their laughter to wheezes. Dress after dress, laughing until they were breathless.

And then Hannah got to the dress full of stars. Navy blue with white and gold stars, it looked more like a dress seen on the playground, by younger girls. While the pattern spoke to youth, there was no arguing how it fit on Hannah. Cinched perfectly at the waist, with sleeves that had a ruffle to them covering the tops of her shoulders, a neckline hinting at the curves of her breasts, and the ability to spin as fast as she wanted, but the bottom hem still not flying up above her knees, yet not too tight.

When Hannah stepped out to show Ashley, the other girl gasped. “Girl, that dress looks so lit on you!”

Hannah smiled, smoothing down the dress as she spun slowly for Ashley. “You don’t think it looks too childish?”

“I mean, it’s not prom worthy, but you know, for a dinner and movie date it’s fine.”


“Any dress that looks that good on you is something you need in your closet.” Ashley put her hands on her hips, spaghetti straps of a sunflower sundress slipping from her shoulders.

“Right.” Hannah’s grin grew larger in her reflection. “This dress does look good on me.”

“Any guy catches a glimpse of you in that, and they will have to get your number.”

“Don’t overdo the flattery.” Hannah nudged Ashley with her elbow. “Now, we gotta find you a dress for the double date.”

“I’ve always got my go to little black dress.” She shrugged. “Because I think I’ve tried on everything in my size with no luck.”

“Then I guess I’m buying this dress.” Hannah said.

“Next stop food court!” Ashley threw her hands in the air before disappearing into the fitting room once more.

Word count: 497

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