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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 281

Once upon a time, there was a great sea creature ruling the oceans. I suppose the human equivalent would be a kraken, though there are some key differences.

Their pointed head had large, black eyes on each side near the tip, so when it chose, it could observe life above the surface. It could manipulate its size a little, sometimes having its tentacles long enough to prop itself up when studying the world or smaller to allow an easier and swifter swim. Two of their thicker tentacles had not little suction cups but flanges and the ability to hold things ad do things impossible with just tentacles.

It was the only one of its kind.

A powerful creature, ignored, feared, possibly revered, but it lived a peaceful if lonely life for centuries.

Their large eyes started observing new life forming Beautiful creatures, their aura full of possibilities. This kraken has to go by their aura to know they were observing the same creatures, for they could shift their shape. By choice or at random the kraken wasn’t sure, but they enjoyed watching these creatures start to learn and grow as a species.

Legend has it, a blessing from this very creature lead to the earliest technological advances in Qwotarian society. Shelters became stronger and larger, health advancements saved many lives from illness, household goods became quicker, easier, and cheaper to produce. Qwortarin’s started living closer, forming more complex societies. They figured out how to grow the plants they liked, and to domesticate those animals they used to hunt. The creature remembered as real for years, until centuries later, Qwortarians wondered if the legends were true? If the drawings and the stories of the large black eyes peeking above the surface of the water.

Searches of the ocean has turned up no signs of the creature featured in so many early drawings and sketches by Qwotarians.

The end is left to rumors. Does the creature yet live, so tiny it can hide from those it once blessed? Did the creature finally pass in peace? Or did something much darker unfold if the creature was actually discovered?

Word count: 355


A pink quill with a line trailing behind it. Underneath the quill is "AllisonWrote" written in blue.

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