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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 267

Becky folded her legs underneath her and then tucked in the fuzzy black blanket around her. Remote and popcorn sitting in a TV tray just to her right in front of the couch.

She grabbed a handful of popcorn and the remote before she glanced towards the kitchen, where Raymundo was still preparing the other snack, mint chocolate chip ice cream.

"Hurry up." She whined, though she did enjoy seeing his bicep tighten as he dug the scoop deep into the carton.

"We don't have to have ice cream." The small scowl he had when Becky first looked over was replaced by a smirk as he looked up between his eyelashes to see her reaction.

"Better watch your mouth." Becky said but it was through a chuckle. In went the salty, crunchy popcorn to try to hide the laughter and she turned on the TV. As the screen clicked to life she asked Raymundo a garbled question.

It was either a testimony to how much Becky spoke with her mouth full or how often she had asked the question for Raymundo to be able to respond without hesitation.

"Yes the free trial is still good. And it includes commercial free movies." The ice cream scoop clattered against other dirty dishes in the stainless steel sink. "Careful, you are starting to sound like nagware."

Raymundo was carrying her ice cream or she would have tossed one of the throw pillows at him. (Their true purpose.) Instead Becky rolled her eyes and held out her hands for her bowl. "Are you trying to make me mad?"

"Of course not." Raymundo's fingers were still warm despite how cold the stoneware was to Becky. "Just annoyed." He smirked.

"If I was true nagware you would never hear the end of it about those dirty dishes." Her eyebrows furrowed as she thought about the pile of dishes with dry crusty food bits.

"Well this is the third reminder today." Raymundo sat down next to Becky, the TV tray between them.

"Because you said you'd do them three days ago!" Becky situated the bowl in her lap and jabbed the remote towards the screen while she picked out the movie.

"I know."

"So..." Becky twirled her wrist. "You are going to do them before Penny and DJ come over tomorrow right?"

"Yeah." Raymundo started stirring his ice cream, eyes reflecting the blue glow of the TV as the rating screen appeared. Becky sighed and set down the remote. She certainly wasn't going to get through to him with the movie on.

She decided she would enjoy the cool refreshing mint and the romcom regardless of the dishes stacking up.

Word count: 443

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