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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 256

With all the food cleared out of Leama's ship, it was time to clean up the mess left behind. Dirt, leaves, and other plant debris covered the floor. There were also odds and ends from their time on Earth were also scattered about. Drawers and compartments that didn't need to be opened had been, their contents never returned to their spot.

The people who had unloaded clearly had no patience, or consideration for the mess they left behind.

As much as they hated it, Leama knew it was standard procedure. Since the ship was somewhere the pair of them could be without being bombarded with questions, Skylar didn't complain about helping clean up.

Leama and Skylar found various pamphlets they wanted to keep, as well as pictures, ribbon, and tiny trinkets. While each thing held memories of Earth only one object caused Skylar to whistle through their beak.

"I thought for sure I lost this!" Quickly Skylar turned the end of one of their tentacles into a mimic of an elephant’s trunk, so they could better grasp the small object.

"What is that?" Leama came closer, broom and dustpan held to the side by a couple tentacles. It was a braided cord with a small circular plug on one end and a rubber tree charm in the other. The back of the rubber charm was just black with white lettering, naming the state park Skylar crashed into.

“A dongle.” Skylar wiggled it and it swung back and forth. “Emily gave it to me to help tell the phone I borrowed apart from the others.” Leama and Skylar’s eyes got close to the object. “I thought I lost it when we were on the run with Raymundo.” They whispered.

“What does it do?”

“Nothing.” Skylar giggled. “That’s probably why I got it back from the government agents.” Leama bobbed their eye stalk.

“Well, we can’t stand around in here all day…”

“We could, and we’d never have to answer stupid questions.” Skylar tucked the dongle into a pouch.

“That’s a poor attitude for a future explorer.”

Skylar turned and went back to sweeping their half of the ship in silence. Leama started to reach a tentacle out, but changed their mind and returned to sweeping.

Word count: 374

A pink quill with a line trailing behind it. Underneath the quill is "AllisonWrote" written in blue.

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