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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 255

"What do you mean Skylar doesn't want us to rescue them ASAP?"

Lucky pat their pockets, before digging a piece of paper from their suit pocket. "They requested we have the supplies necessary to feed Qwortar and hopefully provide past this famine already in my ship."

Raymundo took the list, sitting on the edge of his bed, old springs creaking. Various fruits and vegetables were squeezed together on the list, some with notes about having seeds or even budding plants if possible. The numbers were boggling, and Raymundo shook his head.

He bit his bottom lip. "All this won’t fit in here." It was by far the smallest hotel room he had ever been in. Every other cranny was packed tight. The dresser was full of clothes, the nightstand packed with notes and gum, the mini fridge was already full of food for the two of them, and the furniture was already cramped in this space. There wasn't a single walkway they could walk side by side, nor even slide past each other if they were going the opposite way.

"That's why we'll be taking it all to the ship." Lucky flicked the back of the list so Raymundo would glance up. His eyebrows scrunched together, his lips pursed and his eyes were facing slightly down, a look Lucky thought wad the funniest of all human facial expressions. The he blinked, and a light caught in his eye.

"You mean we can just beam up?"

"Yeah." Lucky grinned. "Just like in that old show on the one TV channel that doesn't come in fuzzy."

"That's so cool!" Raymundo jumped off the bed, nearly toppling Lucky backwards onto hers. "You've got to show me how to do that with my ship." Lucky giggled as Raymundo's face morphed again into confusion. "Then why didn't Skylar do that instead of landing? Now those guys have a ship to prove aliens exist."

"Well..." Lucky nudged Raymundo to the side so they could take their short pacing route. "It's possible the ship Skylar took is a lower end model without that feature, and since the outsides usually look the same, and Skylar left in a hurry, they might not have noticed until it was too late. Or it was malfunctioning."

"Just our luck." Ray muttered.

"It's not the end of the world." Lucky grasped Raymundo's shoulder. "Now come, we should buy these list things over a couple days at least. It will look less suspicious."

Raymundo laughed. "I'm pretty sure unless we ran a food pantry or soup kitchen buying one hundred pounds is going to look suspicious. Or we would have to take years spreading out the purchases."

"Either way," Lucky waved the list, "we better get started or I'll never take Skylar home."

Raymundo followed Lucky to the door, scooping up his almost empty wallet from the TV stand on the way.

Word count: 479

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