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Ugly Words Challenge: Day 254

While the government did food distribution and planning for the future, Skykar and Leama were also writing up their reports under the watchful eyes of several Qwortarians. Followed by interviews with members even higher up in the government, including Leama answering a bunch of military focused questions by their very own second in command.

The two of them had thought convincing Qwortar to leave Earth alone for the time being was going to be the hardest part. Neither of them anticipated the public's reaction to the parts of their story made public by the government.

Jatydid met them in the lobby of the main building, two pairs of tentacles each holding their spouse and child tight before they were encouraged to move along by the secretary.

The pathway outside the building was lined with Qwortarians, whose voices only got louder as Skykar and Leama appeared. Everything overlapped, high pitches, low, whistles, shrieks, thanks, and questions.

"Food bringers!" Some chanted repeatedly, the underlying beat matching the marching Jatydid was leading with.

"Thank you!" Some in unison, but mostly it was a ripple of them, loud and soft, sometimes boarded by sobs.

And then there were questions. So many questions.

"Why did you only come back with one ship?

"What's your favorite piece of produce you brought back?"

"Do the humans know about us?"

"According to the English dictionary, words like boil and cleave have a few different meanings, but why?

What weird customs are you glad to be away from?”

Oh, what weird customs will you miss?”

"What's your favorite Earth species?"

"Did you happen to figure out what happened to Charwin?"

Jatydid waved their tentacles. “No questions right now. Shoo shoo.” The tentacles may have moved a few Qwortarians off the path in front of them, but it did nothing to quell the stream of questions. Leama pushed their spouse and child into the car.

“Hit the gas.” Leama pulled the door shut behind them. “Clearly they won’t stop bombarding us with questions right now.”

“Will they ever stop?” Skylar asked. At first no one answered.

“At some point.” Jatydid assured them.

Word count: 352

A pink quill with a line trailing behind it. Underneath the quill is "AllisonWrote" written in blue.

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