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Week 42 Recap and Week 43 Preview


I wrote 2,615 words this week! This week actually went really well on a whole. I wasn’t procrastinating nearly as much as I have been recently. That was nice. Though, it was a really easy week, as two of the words are ones I have already used, and thus wasn't too hard to find a way to use them again in a new situation. Uvula also fell in line with all the other body part words I’ve used, o while I used it with Charwin instead of Skylar, it was easy to think of a way to weave it in. And since the only word I had to look up was cwm, it certainly made the brainstorming process way more streamlined.

I bounced around the timeline some again, but some of this stuff could make it into a novel, or at least, I am aware certain things may or did happen and can plan the novel accordingly. Which, to be honest, I’m not all that sure where or what exactly a longer work will or should cover. Is the climax going to be Skylar’s escape? Or is the aftermath on Qwortar after the famine and Skylar’s return the point? And while Raymundo plays a role in helping Skylar escape, is that the point of his story? Or is there more since he spends the time and money fixing Star Surfer? All sorts of questions I am beginning to ponder more since the end of the year is approaching.

Anyway, this week was actually pretty fun in many ways, and I’m hoping next week is going to be just as fun.



Let’s see what surprises this week has in store for me.

October 24th: boil

October 25th: cranny

October 26th: dongle

October 27th: eyeball

October 28th: gash

October 29th/30th: hairball

Woot! I know all the words this week. That usually helps, so I don’t have to remember to look up anything before I try to start the prompt before the sun rises. This week should be fun, because it is an interesting selection of words.

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