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Week 41 Recap and Week 42 Preview


I wrote 2,138 words this week! It was certainly a week of surprises. The Eye coming from the ooze prompt, and The Hand coming from unctuous of all words. Both lead to some interesting implications down the line, and could be interesting if used in a longer work.

The rest of the words didn’t surprise me all that much in terms of what I built off the word. Though I definitely did bounce around the timeline a bit again. Sinew was an interesting one to write, because I’ve recently read and listened to a few different instances of all sort of body snatchers and early surgeon stories. Now though, thinking about those stories, those stealing bodies from graves were more so called body snatchers and grave robbers are used more often for people stealing items of value from graves or burial sites. Small detail that slipped my mind on the 13th.

Overall I didn’t find writing for the prompts this week too difficult, and procrastination wasn’t a huge issue this week. It was a good week. Hopefully next week goes as smoothly.



Let’s see what words will I have to work with this week.

October 17th: slurp

October 18th: puncture

October 19th: mullet

October 20th: uvula

October 21st: cwm

October 22nd/23rd: asphalt

Well. I know slurp, puncture, and uvula will be pretty easy to incorporate. I know I’ve used slurp and puncture at least a few times already in different works, and while I don’t think I’ve used uvula, I have referenced it some of the other times interior parts of the mouth was the word of the day prompt. Asphalt shouldn’t be too hard to use either considering it is a common word and substance on Earth.

I had no idea mullet has a few other meanings besides the hairdo that most people seem to love to hate. Maybe I’ll use one of the others.

Cwm is going to be the worst this week. One, I’ve never seen it before, and its meaning has not illuminated any obvious way to tie it in. Also, why isn’t there a vowel? Or is this the word one of my elementary school librarians was thinking of when she said vowels were ‘A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y or W?’ Either this is a word that ‘w’ is the vowel, or it is one of the few English words without one. It certainly is a weird word.

Aside from Cwm I think coming up with ideas for this week won’t be much of a problem.

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