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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 222

Popcorn gone, one, movie over, the girls were giggling in Hannah's living room while the hostess went off to grab something.

Instantly they had inside jokes from the movie. A quote of the main character's catch phrase would set the whole group to giggling again. Though Skylar felt theirs was forced, and maybe Emily's too.

"Found it!" Hannah came back into the room, an extendable black stick in her hands. At first Skylar thought it was just a different version of Emily's cane, but on one end there was two prongs. Skylar glanced around at the other girls, but no one seemed confused by the odd thing in Hannah's hand.

A click brought Skylar's eyes back to Hannah. Her phone was now held by the prongs.

"Sleepover selfie!" Hannah shouted, squeezing herself on the couch. "Everybody get close." Skylar was pulled onto the couch by Amber. Hip to hip between Amber and Hannah, Skylar leaned back a little when Emily draped hey upper body across Skylar's legs. "Say cheese!"

"Why cheese?" Skylar asked, looking up at the cell phone being held by Hannah in the stick.

"So that you smile." Hannah spoke without moving her lips. Click.

"Then why not just say smile?" Click.

“I don’t know.” After taking a few more pictures, Hannah pulled her selfie stick closer and started to flip through them.

“Aw man.” Amber groaned and puffed out her lower lip. “Why do I have a double chin in all of them?”

“Because there’s always one ugly girl in the picture.” Kelsey giggled.

“Oh shut up.” Amber reached across the couch to gently slap Kelsey’s thigh. “Hannah, can we do another photo? I want at least one where I don’t have a double chin.”

“Yeah.” Hannah held out the selfie stick again.

“Hey Amber,” Emily snapped her fingers. “Before Hannah takes the picture, push your head towards the camera. It will help keep the buccula tight.”

“The what?”

“The fat under your chin which is a huge part of the double chin you don’t want.”

“Oh.” Amber pushed her head forward, which looked a little odd from Skylar’s angle, like Amber had paused while pecking the air. Hannah took another couple pictures, showing them to Amber to prove the double chin was gone. “Thanks Emily.”

Word count: 379

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