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Week 36 Recap and Week 37 Preview


I wrote 2,336 words this week! And what a week it was… Too sick to do much of anything for two days, it was rough there. Almost back to normal now, so thankfully I didn’t fall too far behind. And I’m grateful Sunday doesn’t have a word. I do remember an early thought I had about the fact the calendar only had six words a week, that I would have a catch up day in case of illness. And then I added these recap and preview posts anyway… Oh well. These posts are useful for me, and it helps me keep in the mindset of posting daily. When I’m physically able to that is.

Besides fighting an illness, this week had some interesting stories. Globular was… surprisingly difficult. And when I finally got an idea I wanted to work with, I was running out of time and it feels a little stilted. Hubby wasn’t too bad, but I’m not sure I encapsulated the moments DJ is thinking about Raymundo very well.

Nuptial, porpoise, and exoskeleton were written quickly. I did find them interesting, and not too shabby considering I wrote them in less than the usual time I have. Thinking about Qwortarian weddings was better than lamenting what felt like a slow recovery. I know I’ve used puns before, but I was surprised to realize I never had any of the characters at the beach! So for that alone porpoise was fun. Exoskeleton was… interesting… I’m not sure I properly worked the ending together, but now I’ve introduced some extended family for Skylar.

I should have guessed I was going to be sick because of milieu. An idea like that was something only sick brain thinks up. I had a lot of fun with it, not going to lie. But I also almost drove myself crazy counting syllables and using a rhyming dictionary.

Here’s to the end of a long week and hoping for a better one!



Let’s see what kind of challenge, at least prompt wise, this next week will have for me.

September 12th: custard

September 13th: spit

September 14th: ugly

September 15th: asinine

September 16th: buccula

September 17th/18th: udder

Ha. Ugly is in the calander, that’s hilarious. Anyway, the only unfamiliar word for me is buccula, which, it looks gross (as in I wonder if I’m going to remember how to spell it) since the pronouciation doesn’t match.

Like wifey and hubby, I think the calendar creators could have put spit in the same week as salivate, but who am I to say? They must have had some rhyme or reason to arranging the words the way they did.

It’ll be interesting I’m sure.


Thank you to all first responders, who spend their careers risking their lives when emergencies happen.

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