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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 221

Skylar found John and Emily where they left them, standing near the fountain. A quick glance around didn't turn up any strawberry blonds or pairs of girls nearby.

But that didn't atop Skylar's mind from conjuring all sorts of gossip in their head. Every person now was whispering. Eyes were on Skylar, John, and Emily though everyone was just minding their own business.

How many humans thought Emily wasn't pretty? Was clingy and possessive? Was someone worth gossiping in a bathroom which may not be empty?

"Ready Skylar?" John's question surprised Skylar. They hadn't realized they made it to the fountain, nor that John was squinting at them.

"Yeah." Skylar shoved their hands in their pockets.

"You sound less than enthused." Emily tapped their cane on the ground. “Are you not looking forward to the movie?”

“I’m excited for the movie.” Skylar insisted as they glanced to the theater. “It was just weird.” They mumbled, but John and Emily were close enough to hear them anyway.

“What was weird?” The two of them asked, and Skylar wondered if the two girls from the bathroom had ever heard John and Emily speak in tandem. Something else they would be annoyed at Skylar supposed.

“Oh, just some gossip in the bathroom.”

“Did someone spoil the movie?” Emily gasped. “No, wait, don’t tell me.”

“No no.” Skylar managed a chuckle. “Not that kind of gossip. It was the hurtful type.”

“Well,” Emily spun her cane, “those people obviously are idiots.”

“Who were they talking about?” John asked.

“That doesn’t matter.” Emily protested at the very same moment Skylar answered.

“You guys.”

“People can be so as-”

“Emily!” John yanked her arm.

“inine.” Emily pushed John a little. “Asinine. Though they can be a-holes too.”

“Let’s just watch the movie.”

“Yeah.” Skylar grabbed Emily’s other arm. “Let’s.”

Word count: 303

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