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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 215

“So,” Skylar pushed a magazine aside and pressed their fingers into the rug next to Emily’s bed, “your media says a lot about girls planning their wedding day since they were little.” Skylar was on their stomach, kicking their legs in the air behind them. “So, have you thought about it?”

Emily chuckled. “I suppose so, though never super seriously. I guess I wanted Ariel’s wedding dress after watching her movie when I was little. And I’ve thought about having a live jazz band, but I’m not set on anything really.” She rolled to her side, pointing at Skylar. “Have you thought about it?” Emily pursed her lips. “How does a Qwortar nuptial day go anyway?”

“I also haven’t thought about it as much as your Earth media portrays, but I know how a Qwortar wedding goes.” Skylar crossed their arms and rested their chin were their wrists overlapped. “The wedding is a day’s long extravaganza. Each family starts with their own big breakfast gathering with the future newlywed, and then the newlyweds switch families for lunch, and then the actual ceremony happens in the afternoon. Which if the first time of the day the newlyweds actually see each other that day.”

“Wow.” Emily hung a hand over the edge of the bed and let it swing back and forth slowly. “That’s intense.”

“And then, there’s dinner with both families, and of course friends, all mixed up. Each table has a mixture of the families, and then there is dancing and singing, and of course the breaking and the grinding of the gemstones to put into the vial of family unity.”

“That… sounds expensive?” Emily lifted their head up a little.

“Oh, well, some gemstones aren’t all that rare and you just, each newlywed crushes a stone and then mixes it into the vial. So a lot of Qwortarians just have the clear crystals in their vials. The richer, or sometimes lucky ones, will have ruby, diamond, or jade, you know any of those.” Skylar waved their hand. “But either way, the vial itself is glass designed in such a way to allow light to pass through at a certain angle, that with any of the clear gemstones it would make a rainbow.”

“Well that’s pretty cool. It kind of reminds me of the sand thing some weddings do. Where each person picks a color of sand and pours it into a container to mix the colors, and their lives, together.”

Word count: 411

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