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Week 35 Recap and Week 36 Preview


I wrote 2,344 words this week! And… what a week it was. Back at work after vacation, ten hours a day and all that. It was… interesting. I feel like I had some good ideas for some of these words, but I also think most of them fell flat because apparently it isn’t easier to fight procrastination after vacation. Who knew? I feared it.

But, some of the things this week were interesting. Seep, has so much potential… though I now suspect I did a scene very similar… and possibly accidentally the same one? When I made the rule about not redoing a scene from a different character’s perspective, I didn’t take into account how hard it would be to remember the now hundreds of flash pieces I have written, especially when I usually start brainstorming at four thirty in the morning on my way to work. Though, technically it also wasn’t in a different character’s perspective… unless the narration is a really different tone or something… so… maybe a rule break? Not sure, but anyway, it feels like an expansion of something I did earlier, which I guess is sort of the whole point of this challenge. And I wish I had done more with seep to really set the tone and the setting, which I feel are two things that really fall flat with such truncated word counts.

Discharge was certainly interesting to write, though it falls into such a deep backstory I don’t think it would appear as is into a novel expansion of “Feeding the Universe”. Though it, and so many other pieces I have wrote this year do help me get to know the characters and the world better, since in the original timeline of three days, there’s not much time to really dig deep into things like character backstory. Not the nitty gritty and often fun, yet usually unnecessary details I feel like I’m exploring now.

Flesh turned out a little differently than I first expected it to go, as I realized my thought process as to how to explain John’s question changed as my brain woke up and was like, ‘would it actually work that way though?’ And I find myself trying to remember the biology classes and all the stuff I’ve read hoping to make the technical details at least a little plausible.

Blister ended… sort of abruptly, but it does feel like the most complete story in and of itself this week. Chide… fell so flat because what I wanted to execute wasn’t working and then I was out of time. And salivate was fun to write, but at first I could only come up with sentences using salivated or salivating. Finally I remembered Emily thought she wanted to be a spelling bee champ and figured if anyone would use salivate it would be her and things fit together better.

It was a crazy week, and clearly I had a lot to say about the prompts. But things are constantly moving forward so it is time to look and see what words next week is going to throw at me.



Let’s see what September’s first full week has planned for me.

September 5th: globular

September 6th: hubby

September 7th: milieu

September 8th: nuptial

September 9th: porpoise

September 10th/11th: exoskeleton

Well well well. First, missed opportunity, why didn’t they put hubby in the same week as wifey? They knew both words were in, so why not? I realize I have many questions for the creators of this colander… and they’ll probably never know.

Anyway. Most of the words I know, except milieu, I did not recognize, or rather I’ve seen it, but I never looked it up and just sort of… ignored it before I guess. Joke’s on me because now I have to learn the definition, if only for a day!

(Low key also wondering if exoskeleton was in the calendar before… or if I just used the word because it fit in with the story of a particular prompt? But I don’t currently have the time to flip back through over 200 days of the calendar, so I’m going to assume the later because my memory is not that great and it is the more likely outcome if I was going to sit and flip through the calendar.)

It will be an interesting week, full of words I don’t use very often, so that’s cool.

And that’s the end of this very wordy recap and preview. Why I’m so talkative when I am about to have a party and need to finish this or not post at all today is a mystery I will never quite understand.

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