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Finished Week 33 Recap, Week 34 Preview/Recap, and Week 35 Preview

Finished Week 33 Recap

The total words I wrote for the week my vacation started was 2,414! It was a crazy week leading up to my vacation. I’ve already discussed ogre and secrete… let’s see what I remember about polyglot, salami, brobdingnagian, and vein!

Polyglot was fun, though now I realize Emily knowing Braille probably counts as being a polyglot in and of itself. Though having a telenovella play out in the background was pretty amusing to write. I love salami, but that particular story was harder to write. The aftermath, and the possible repercussions of Raymundo helping Skylar and Lucky escape is… I’m finding that harder to work with. I really enjoyed brobdingnagian, and was amazed to realize I don’t directly reference other flash fiction pieces in this Universe very often, but I did for this one. Again… vein feels weird because it is in that odd place of Raymundo trying to return to normal life.

It was an interesting week, trying to prep for vacation and prep for all this, but I survived and it didn’t turn out half bad.


Week 34 Preview

Well. Vacation brain really messed with my head… because I did the wrong preview last week! I wrote about the week coming up (starting Monday August 29th) not the week I was on vacation and had everything prepped to post while I took a break from this flash fiction universe. (Monday August 22nd through Saturday August 27th).

Soooo… Here’s the words I covered over my vacation, and I will recap them too.

August 22nd: über

August 23rd: vascular

August 24th: sludge

August 25th: pucker

August 26th: mulch

August 27th/28th: curd

I didn’t think I would have much trouble because of the words themselves, since I knew what they all meant pretty much. I was amused to see über, and a little confused, since it is such a fun word to say, though probably overused in and out of German. (A language I was probably close to fluent in after years of study, but am significantly rusty now.)


Week 34 Recap

I wrote 2,608 words for the week! (Written before I went on vacation.) That’s… actually more than I expected, considering I was squeezing writing these prompts between the regular day’s writings, regular responsibilities and preparing for vacation.

Über was a surprisingly hard word to write for. It may have been because of the versatility of the word, or because I was particularly tired when I started writing it I’m not sure. Curd was also difficult, both coming up with a general premises and then executing it. Maybe both. The rest weren’t that hard, or maybe I rushed them a bit more as my time started running out.

It was certainly interesting to write some prompts ahead of time, but I enjoyed the break from idea of writing and posting daily. Hopefully that means I am more than ready to take on next week!


Week 35 Preview

Ooops!! My brain was already on vacation when I did the last recap and preview post! So… I previewed the wrong week! I’ve amended it a little above, and will just be pasting what I already wrote as a preview for week 35 down below.

Sometimes it is hard to plan ahead. It doesn’t help that I am super bad at dates. Anyway… To look at what I’ll be dealing with this week see below, but you may have already seen it last week. Anyway…

What will I be jumping into the week I get back from vacation? Let’s find out!

August 29th: seep

August 30th: blister

August 31st: chide

September 1st: discharge

September 2nd: salivate

September 3rd/4th: flesh

Well, it will certainly be an interesting week! I have definitely used blister before, a situation I know I’ve found myself in before. I’ll find another way to use blister, whether or not the new scene will be related to the scene I last used blister in will be determined.

I know the definitions of all these, so at least I won’t have to remember to check a dictionary as I get back into the swing of things after vacation. It’ll be interesting to just jump right back in!

I hope my brain is well rested enough for this… I guess we’ll find out!

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