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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 197

"Your call is very important to us. A representative will speak with you shortly. Please hold." The monotone high pitched voice clicked off and Raymundo was back to listening to piano lullaby music. According to the clock on his stove he just passed in his pacing he had been on hold for fifteen minutes already.

Pausing in front of his mirror he noticed the vein in his neck throbbing.

"Hello, I'm Carl, how may I help you today?"

"Hello Carl, I seem to be missing my package."

"Oh, well, we are not responsible-"

Raymundo interrupted, struggling to keep his voice level, through every word was forced between his teeth. "You are the shipping company. You scanned my package multiple times on its journey across the country. According to my tracking number, you say I signed for the package, but I didn't, nor did any of my neighbors. And the package isn't here. So, where is it?"

Raymundo gave Carl, whose voice jumped half an octave and shook when he spoke next all the obligatory information, name, number, package details, and was put on hold again.

And then disconnected because the call center hours were over.

He tried the international number, got a representative faster, and had to argue with them before he was finally pushed through to someone with enough authority to tell him it was a glitch in the system and to wait a few days or call the seller.

He’d be calling again. Raymundo was going to track down his package. He needed that 3D printer ASAP.

Word count: 259

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