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Week 33 (Mini) Recap and Week 35 Preview

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

(Mini) Recap

With the way my vacation is structured and how I’ve worked ahead, at the time of writing this mini recap I’ve only written the prompts for Friday August 19th and the Saturday/Sunday August 20th/21st combo.

Because of this I don’t know how many words total I wrote this week, and I will tally that as well as look at the rest of the week in the next weekly update.

Ogre honestly ended up a bit darker than I thought, though it is an intriguing concept. And it was some deep world building. Not sure it will make any explicit mention in a larger piece as it doesn’t really pertain to a the famine, but the aftermath of the ogre genocide may still be felt in more subtle ways.

Secretion was also a prompt I don’t see as being part of anything larger. Though it was interesting to incorporate it as part of Skylar’s development. Coming up with the Qwortarian equivalent for and ‘earthquake’ was fun!

I liked the sneak peak into this week a bit early, and I hope the rest of the words for the week will be just as fun as I count down towards my vacation!

(Which I’ll be on when the post goes up. If technology decides to work with me instead of against me. For once.)



What will I be jumping into the week I get back from vacation? Let’s find out!

August 29th: seep

August 30th: blister

August 31st: chide

September 1st: discharge

September 2nd: salivate

September 3rd/4th: flesh

Well, it will certainly be an interesting week! I have definitely used blister before, a situation I know I’ve found myself in before. I’ll find another way to use blister, whether or not the new scene will be related to the scene I last used blister in will be determined.

I know the definitions of all these, so at least I won’t have to remember to check a dictionary as I get back into the swing of things after vacation. It’ll be interesting to just jump right back in!

Did a mix up last week and previewed the wrong week! The post for Aug 28th, 2022 includes the correct preview (belated) and recaps and such.

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