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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 210

Skylar had fallen asleep. Stretched out across the middle row, one hand dangling over the edge, a pillow squished under their head.

The small blue pillow was a late addition, something John had put under Skylar's head when they stopped to pick up pizza.

"Best cancelled at the last minute camping trip ever." Emily slurped her pop.

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself." John balanced Skylar's personal pizza on the dashboard. "Because it is quite a mess we find ourselves in."

"You worry too much." The ice in Emily's drink shook as she pointed her cup in his direction. "We wait out the government agents, take Skylar back, and boom," she stomped a foot for emphasis, shaking the the parked car.

"One of us has to." John grumbled as he opened his pizza box. Cheese, sauteed onion, sausage, garlic, and bread aromas quickly filled the car. Emily was soon to follow John's lead in opening her box.

A wet smacking sound beckoned John's eyes to the rear view mirror. Skylar was running the back of their hands across their mouth, a during of drool connecting the corner of their lips to the pillow.

"What smells-" Before John could grab Skylar's pizza and explain the Earth dish Skylar screamed. "Ah I'm leaking!"

"What?" Emily asked.

"I didn't realize you humans were so fragile as to leak so easily... Is it safe to change to a sturdier form?" Skylar asked.

"Don't change. You're fine." John said firmly. "It's just drool. People drool all the time in their sleep. Right Emily?"

She flicked her hair. "I prefer the term salivate. But yes."

"Including..." John dragged the word out until Emily sighed.

"Me." Emily turned in her seat, holding the pizza box flat. "Including me. Sorry about that Skylar."

"Okay." Skylar yawned and rubbed their eyes. "As long as I am not dying, can I-" John thrust the pizza box towards them. "For me? Thanks!" Skylar opened the box. "So... What is this?"

"Pizza." And John went through his spiel about the food as Skylar took their first bite.

"Delicious!" Skylar grinned before taking their second, even larger bite.

Word count: 354

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