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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 191

"Like your eyes don't wander and check out the goods while you work Mister!" May's words were a little slurred, and she pointed to her newest female hire. Realizing who she was pointing to May rolled her eyes. "Or Misses!"

Even Raymundo chuckled at that, and he had been pretty silent at the table in the bar. May's treat for her staff having to deal with the largest string of entitled whiny customers she had even seen.

May was still flirting with the bartender. And the group of mechanics teased her mercilessly. Except Raymundo.

The hair in the back of his neck hadn't stopped being raised since he came back from the successful rescue mission. Eyes always darting around, trying to keep all entrances, even windows and vents, within view at once.

"Oh, raccoon boy!" May slammed her empty krug on front of him. Ray jumped, his knees slamming the table. She chuckled as he looked at her, rubbing his knees and rubbing the dark circles under his eyes at the same time. "You're the most sober sipper, so you good to take me home? Or at least wait for a taxi with me?"

"I'll drive." He didn't bother finishing his drink, pushing it towards May. She looked at it, drummed her fingers on the table, and took a swig before standing.

Leaving his half empty drink behind, Ray held his arm out for May. She may have been drunk, but she could walk just fine as long as she had a guide.

"You remember where I live coon?" She mumbled as she leaned her head against the window.

"Yep." He glanced in the rear view mirror, bloodshot eyes and dark circles staring back at him.

It was late, dark, and May lived off a ling windy road. It was a road Ray knew well, as following it nearly to May's house brought him close to Star Surfer.

The weight in his shoulders, the knot in his stomach, the gas pedal on his heart. The secret which was kind of out. Qwortar knew, or would learn, of the half human half Qwortarian living on Earth. There was a group on Earth who knew aliens existed and knew they had visited Earth.

What would become of Raymundo if he was captured like Skylar?

Headlights swerved in front of his car. A quick jerk of his steering wheel guided them to the safety of the gravel shoulder. May snored loudly while Ray gathered himself. Slapping his cheeks, shaking his head, anything to get him to focus on the task at hand.

Taking the road slower, left Ray really feeling the exhaustion as he pulled up to May’s house. The ranch was pitch black, but even half asleep May managed to unlock the door and get herself inside safely.

Yawning, jaw popping, Ray turned off onto a little dirt road that was easy to miss. With the immediate risk of a car crash, sleeping on the ship seemed safest for the moment.

Word count: 499

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