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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 190

Inquirius was one of the few Qwortarians who grew multiple eyes during their working hours. Not that there were many fellow being in their library during operating hours. Many chose to soak up knowledge on screens rather than scrolls.

Inquirius enjoyed the peace and quiet, but in some ways they missed the chaos a busy library brought, attempts to stifle laughter and chatter, the bringing together of people through the scrolls they sought.

With the stacks quiet now Inquirius didn't have multiple eyes to make sure the rules were being followed, but rather to soak up knowledge themselves. Ancient scrawling texts, stories behind discoveries and the clipped cut to the chase writing of the more modern writers, fiction and nonfiction alike.

Those who knew Inquirius growing up knew they'd strive tho find a job where they'd never stop learning. If was the juvenile who always had more questions at the end of the school day, the over whose essays were twice as long as required and packed with all the facts they found, not just the necessary ones, and all the questions which came to mind during the process of research and writing. Inquirius was first hatched out of ten, and unlike most baby Qwortarians (their siblings included) whose first words were food related, Inquirius’ first word was ‘why’.

Even now, as Inquirius moved through the stacks, eyes scanning the titles in search of something new to learn, their mind kept asking why.

Why did they stop receiving messages from Charwin and the Star Surfer? Why didn't Charwin take more emergency rations? Why didn't the government insist on sending a Qwortarian with knowledge about the warp drive in case of a malfunction? Why didn't the government allow Charwin to study the warp drive?

Unfortunately for Inquirius and their insatiable quest for knowledge, those answers were never to be found in their scrolls. And no matter how many times Inquirius asked Qwortarians in the government, no one shared any of that information.

Word count: 331

A pink quill with a line trailing behind it. Underneath the quill is "AllisonWrote" written in blue.

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