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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 184

Raymundo had never worn a full tux before. From shined shoes, tying his own bow tie, and figuring out where the wide band of black cloth went, he was feeling the fanciest of fancy.

Becky walked back into the bedroom, a dazzling red gown brushing the floor as she walked. The glitter caught the light and Raymundo found himself studying her instead of moving out of her way. A hand gently nudged him away from the floor length mirror. Twisting and turning Becky studied herself from every angle, so did Raymundo.

"Is this too much?" She put her hands on her hips, drawing back her shoulders.

"You look amazing." Raymundo put his hands on her shoulders and kissed ,her neck.

"It looks like I should be on stage instead of in the audience." She tried to brush his face away, but he kept nuzzling her neck despite her hand.

"Maybe you should join Penny in that community theater group then." He mumbled, his hot breath sending goosebumps up here spine.

"Do you realize how much time Penny puts into theater? Almost as much as DJ puts into his career."

"Well, she once aspired to be an actress."

"Why’d she stop?” Becky’s dress swished as she turned to look up at Raymundo’s face.

“A combination of things, marrying DJ and having their little bundle of joy, Chris being the biggest factors.” He rested his forehead against hers.

“It’s pretty amazing how she can do it all. Be a full time mom, be active in theater, and help a friend who needs it. You’ve found good friends Raymundo.”

“Thanks.” He kissed her cheek. “And my girlfriend is pretty great too.” She giggled and flicked his bow tie.

“You do need to tuck in that cummerbund Ray. But otherwise, you look pretty snazzy.”

“Fair. We’ll be the snazziest couple at the little theater. Can you live with that?”

“Only because I won’t be able to get this dress off by myself before we have to leave.” She sauntered past him, taking a moment to bend over and scoop her red strap heels in a hand.

“Such a tease!” He called over his shoulder with a grin, tucking part of the cummerbund into the waist of his pants.

The couple was all smiles as they slipped into their seats just as the audience lights started to dim.

Word count: 393

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