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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 183

Star Surfer was full of the logs, old notes, even pictures and videos of Raymundo's ancestors figuring out new things about humans and this planet they now called home.

Charwin in particular had some amusing notes. As they had to settle into a human body and into society without experience, tossed in as an adult without learning bit by bit how society works as a child. They did their best to immortalize everything they were learning.

Raymundo had stumbled across Charwin’s notes and videos early on in his search of Star Surfer. The first few were about the adventures of finding a deceased person and taking their face. During a time when it was a little easier to make a completely new identity as an adult, Raymundo got to read all sorts of adventures and misadventures on everything relating to that.

But one of those videos nestled in those notes wasn’t about getting a human identity, or finding a place in society. Nope, it was about interesting things about the human body.

Raymundo had been sipping a coffee when he opened the video. Not being ready for the sight of a completely naked human, the coffee exploded through his mouth, coating the screen in milky brown liquid. Before it could drip off the screen, the computer extended a windshield wiper like attachment and squeegeed it away.

“Now, down here,” Raymundo was coughing so he could barely hear the words. “The male reproductive organs.”

“No!” Raymundo’s voice was hoarse. “Stop computer!” The screen froze as Charwin pointed to his groin. “No, don’t freeze!”

“And it is interesting that while most mammals have the scrotum and-”

“Computer turn off video!” The wall flashed black for a moment, before returning to the list of files Charwin saved during their time. “I can’t believe…” He set his mostly empty styrofoam cup aside. “I didn’t want to see any of them naked.”

None of them were properly labeled, and since the Qwortarians didn’t have a concept of clothing apparently, the AI didn’t completely get it either. So while Ray had tried to filter out those videos, he still stumbled upon others.

A little more than half of Charwin’s videos included translucent skin so they could show off the various internal parts helping a human body function. If Raymundo was interested in biology they would be great resources, but as it was, each one left Ray more nauseous than the last.

At least all his ancestors were long dead and he wouldn’t be in awkward situations with them having seeing them naked.

Word count: 426

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