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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 147

"There is always so much variety." Skylar walked the aisle slowly, eyes scanning the cold juice shelves.

"Welcome to corporate America." John mumbled, yawning. He had talked with Emily for most of the night and then had to accompany Skylar for his mother's emergency grocery needs.

Her book club brunch wouldn't survive without orange juice and mini croissants. John wasn't sure the women in book club would miss the mini croissants considering the spread of fruit and danishes, but his mother begged him to go. Skylar at least made the trip less boring.

“Does your mother have a preference?” They plucked two juice cartons out of the cold shelves and held them out towards John. He was leaning against the handle of the shopping cart, chin resting in his hand. “Pulp or no pulp?

“No pulp. And get the large jug.” He pointed back towards the shelf. “Mom and her friends are going to drink a lot of mimosas.”

Skylar slid the plastic jug across the shelf. “Does anybody like the pulp?” The shopping cart rattled when Skylar put the jug in. John shook himself and placed both hands on the cart.

“Yeah. But as far as I’m concerned, if I have to chew my juice, it should be considered soup.” Skylar chuckled as John turned their squeaky cart down another aisle.

“How come the apple juice doesn’t have a pulp variety?”

John yawned. “Ask google.”

“Why is apple juice pulp always discarded?”

“Skylar…” He sighed and pointed at the display of freshly baked breads.

“I don’t understand. Is the pulp really unappealing?”

“I don’t really like it.”

Skylar put a container of mini croissants in the cart. John held up three fingers. They raised their eyebrows before turning around once again. After placing another two containers of freshly baked, buttery bread into the cart, Skylar curled their fingers around the other end. “So, what’s a book club?”

John sighed and started talking, if only to keep himself awake while they walked to the register. Shopping with Skylar certainly wasn’t boring, but sometimes it was a lot of thinking.

“Can we start a book club?” Skylar asked as their products beeped across the register.

“Not sure you’ll be in town long enough for it to really take off.”

“Oh, yeah.” Skylar sighed. “And intergalactic communication would be a no-no.” John rubbed his face, and shrugged at the cashier’s fleeting glance, but she just asked for the payment.

John saved the follow up questions of intergalactic communication for the car ride home, not that he could understand the supposedly English words Skylar used to explain it.

John knew one thing after this chore run, he did not get enough sleep. “Skylar wants to sit in on your book club while I take a nap.” John placed the groceries on the counter.

“All right.” His mother smiled brightly. “They’re welcome to join us. Thank you John, and enjoy your nap.”

John grunted and waved as he left the kitchen.

Word count: 497

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