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Week 24 Recap and Week 25 Preview


I wrote 2,960 words this week! So close to maxing out all the days at 500… Like my palindromic week, the first two five hundred word days were by coincidence, and then I actually decided to try. It was going well until Saturday, when I was bitten by the procrastination bug and I really started to focus on writing the prompt at like… eleven pm. Hah… Silly me, I knew better, but… I did manage to push through and finish writing the entry before midnight, if not actually posting it.

With the craziness at work, I thought it might be a short week, down between 100-200 words a prompt, but instead it was the other way around. The writing was fun this week, and I even found a way to use lickspittle that wasn’t using my villain. I enjoyed pretty much every entry, though lickspittle could be way better, but again, I let myself be distracted most of the day.

This week was fun and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week!



Let’s see what this week’s prompts will be.

June 20th: schmear

June 21st: pulp

June 22nd: soil

June 23rd: bric-à-brac

June 24th: clump

June 25th/26th: gurgle

Hmmmm… It is an interesting combination of words this week that is for sure. To be honest, personally I don’t find any of them particularly ugly, by the sounds they make when saying them aloud, nor their definitions. Okay, maybe schmear sounds a little ugly when said aloud, but I find it more funny than ugly.

Only bric-à-brac is a word I didn’t immediately know the definition of, but it isn’t a difficult one, and I certainly don’t foresee too much difficulty including it in an entry. Nothing this week seems overly challenging to include with the way the plot is unfolding.

I could use a chill week, and at least the words look like they’ll cooperate.

Happy Father's Day!!

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