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Week 23 Recap and Week 24 Preview


I wrote 2,591 words this week! This week was also mostly fun to write.

The story with pube had a few fun lines playing off the idea of Freudian slips. Molt had a line inspired by one of my college biology professors, who also thought human development was boring in comparison to insects. I like the word amazeballs, but I’m not sure I did the description of the amusement park justice for the word.

Blateration was… interesting. When I tried to look it up, to double check I had the meaning straight in my head, I was told it didn’t exist. So I had to use what the calendar said as the definition. I didn’t really enjoy this particular story. Catheter wasn’t as difficult as blateration, but it still felt weird the way I ended up incorporating it.

All in all, some were really enjoyable to write this week.



Let’s see what week 24 has in store for me.

June 13th: diaper

June 14th: finstagram

June 15th: gland

June 16th: kumquat

June 17th: inbred

June 18th/19th: lickspittle

Okay. Some of these words I know and can immediately think of conversations around them or some other ways to incorporate them into the overarching plot. While some may be weird, and wouldn’t necessarily make it into a final cut, at least they aren’t lickspittle. Which one, I didn’t know was a word, two, its definition doesn’t lend itself to the overarching plot easily. Well, I guess there is one way to fit it, but it is with the character I like writing the least, so I’m not exactly happy about going back again. Actually… I think he ends up with a lot of the words I don’t know how to fit in any other way, and maybe that’s why I dislike him the most. At least, one of the reasons.

Anyway, it’s going to be an interesting week.

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