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Week 22 Recap and Week 23 Preview


I wrote 2,746 this week! I enjoyed this week. It was fun coming up with little scenarios around the words. I’ve enjoyed the interactions between Lucky/Leama and Raymundo so he can learn more about his shapeshifting abilities. At the moment, those seem to be my favorite.

If I was going to pick a least favorite for the week, it would probably be nudnik. I think if I wasn’t suffering the Monday drag I might have been able to fit it into the story a little better, but looking back now it feels a little forced.

Soggy was a fun one to to, probably my favorite. Seeing the Qwortarian family finally reunited was the highlight of the week. Closely followed by urchin, because it was fun to imagine Lucky being sneaky and watching Raymundo try to do Qwortarian things without getting caught.

Hopefully this week will be just as much fun.



Let’s see what this next week has for me.

June 6th: pube

June 7th: molt

June 8th: crusty

June 9th: amazeballs

June 10th: blateration

June 11th/12th: catheter

Wow. What a way to start off the week… pube. I agree, it is an ugly word, almost fun to say if saying it didn’t remind me what a pube actually was. Three of the words this week, including pube, are words my spellcheck wants to correct in one way or another.

Blateration is funny, and I can’t wait to to find a situation to use it. Same with amazeballs, it will be quite amusing to add that. The calander writers think amazeballs was probably invented by a middle schooler, and I agree, it probably was. Except an adult was the one who decided how to spell it, because a middle schooler probably would have spelled it a-m-a-z-e-b-a-l-l-z, because adding ‘z’s to the end of words to make them cool is extremely middle school.

Anyway, this week has an interesting assortment of words and I think this week is going to be fun.

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