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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 146

Skylar flinched when the toaster went off. The golden brown bagels were hot to the touch as they flicked them onto a plate. John’s fridge had two different cream cheeses, a blueberry flavor and an onion and chives.

Plucking the savory cream cheese from the fridge Skylar hummed. They twirled a knife between their fingers as they walked over to their plate. They dug the knife into the whipped cream cheese spread, enjoying the smell.

The knife scraped over the golden crust of the bagel. Skylar licked their lips as they spread the ooey gooey mix over the bagel.

“Bagel today huh?” John padded into the kitchen with his pj’s and bunny slippers, a gag gift from Emily.

“Yep!” Skylar presented the first half of the bagel they had smothered with cream cheese.

“Skylar,” John chuckled. “You aren’t supposed to coat the bread with that much.”


“Let me show you.” Skylar slid a little away from their plate, handing John the knife. He put the knife in, scraping a thin layer off the top of the spread. He spread that thin layer even thinner across the top of the bagel. “You just have to schmear the cream cheese across the top like this.”

Skylar furrowed their eyebrows before taking a bite from the bagel with the thin layer of cream cheese. They chewed slowly, licking their lips after they swallowed. Then they took a big bite out of the half bagel they put a thick layer of the cream cheese on. Again they chewed and swallowed.

“Are you sure the thin layer is the best?” Skylar tilted their head. “You can barely taste the cream cheese.”

“But can you taste the bread on the other one?” John quirked an eyebrow.

“The bread is the boring part!” Skylar protested.

John chuckled and rolled his eyes. “Guess you are a dairy kind of person.”

“I’m a flavor kind of…” Skylar glanced towards the doorway, “alien.” they ended in a whisper. John wiggled the knife above his head before he dropped it in the sink.

“I’m going to change before breakfast. Try not to use all the cream cheese.”

“I won’t.” Skylar chuckled as they squished the two halves of their bagel together and started eating their new sandwich.

Word count: 377

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