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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 141

While Emily went to the bathroom on a trip to the mall for supplies, John pulled up Instagram and started scrolling his feed. Hannah made a post about some party the track team was having, he clicked it to see if there was more about it, and found himself endlessly scrolling her posts.

Until he was looking back at his own face. A selfie they had taken outside the movie theater.

"Hey John!" He flinched, phone almost slipping through his fingers. Amber giggled. "Sorry."

"It's okay." John shrugged, locking his phone. "What's up?"

Amber glanced at John's phone. "Oh, did you see the meme Hannah posted on her finsta?"

"Her what?"

"Finstagram." Amber looked back at John's blank stare. "Fake Instagram." He blinked. "You know, the account only close friends see so you can post whatever without worry of offending anybody."


Amber gasped. "Hannah didn't share her finstagram with you? Oh, maybe your relationship was doomed after all."

"Our breakup had nothing to do with social media, fake or not." John crossed his arms. "So, if your second, private account is the one where you can be yourself, why is it the fake account?"

"I don't make the rules." Amber shrugged. "So, why did you breakup?"

"Why are you here?"

“Don’t change the subject.”

John glanced at the bathroom, hoping Emily could feel his need for an escape. “Well, I’m not telling you.”

“Does Emily know?”

“What’s it to you Amber?” John rolled his eyes.

“Well aren’t you a crabby patty.” Amber huffed.

“Is there a reason you came to bother me besides prying into business which isn’t yours?”

“Why did Skylar disappear so suddenly?”

“Their parents were done with their business.” John tapped the toe of his shoe behind him. “They didn’t get to say a proper goodbye to us either.”

“Do they have an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter?” John shook his head. “Didn’t you meet online?”

“Uh, it’s, well. Not through traditional social media.” John rubbed the side of his face. “We met on the forums of a game that collapsed, and we kept in touch with email.”

“Really?” Amber took a step closer, leaning in.

“Really.” John gulped.

“Is that the whole truth John-a-than?” She jabbed a finger into his chest with each syllable of his name.

“Hey!” The bathroom door finally swung open. “I’m the only one allowed to use his first name.” Emily rapped the bottom of her walking cane on the ground.

“We were just talking.” Amber kept a finger pressed against his chest. “Right John?”

“Yeah,” John stepped around Amber towards Emily, “and now we’re done.”


“Toodles!” Emily grabbed John’s wrist and led him the opposite direction.

“I know something fishy is going on!” Amber shouted.

“Yeah, that’s the smell of Hannah’s sweaty feet!” Emily turned and shouted, directly into John’s ear as he glanced over his shoulder.

“Emily.” He hissed and rubbed his ear. “Let’s just get out of here.”

“Gladly.” She adjusted her arm for a more comfortable grip.

Word count: 500

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