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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 140

Raymundo covered his face as the sulfuric smell hit him. “Really!” He moaned.

While Chris was distracted by the car, Ray grabbed the back of Chris’ diaper, and pulled it back a little.

There was lots of greenish poop.

“Time for a new diaper.” All he had was a little mat DJ had brought. And Chris was at the squirmy age.

“Ooo!” Lucky burst out of Ray’s bedroom, their hiding place. Thankfully Chris was too absorbed by the car to take much note of the Becky look-a-like suddenly appearing in Ray’s living room. “Can I do it?”

“You can’t yell around babies.” He pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Sorry. But can I change his diaper?”

“Why would you want too?”

“For the full human female mothering experience.”

“Well,” he glanced between Chris and Lucky, “who am I to deny that?”

While perched on his toilet lid to be able to see over Lucky’s shoulder as they knelt on the bathroom floor with Chris on the changing mat, Raymundo realized the answer to that question.

He would have been a wise man to deny Lucky’s request.

They quickly tore off the diaper without any other preparations, mushy green poop getting on the mat, the floor, and the bottom of his toilet, aided by Chris wiggling his dirty butt while kicking his legs and peeing.

The stream of urine arched through the air, one moment hitting Lucky in the face, the next splashing across Raymundo’s chest as Chris rolled over.

Lucky screeched. The loud noise startled Chris into crying. “What do we do?”

As Raymundo tried to say instructions loud enough to be heard over Chris, but not shouting himself, Lucky did their best to follow them as quickly as possible. Ray’s instructions gurgled to a halt as Chris stopped crying and watched the four translucent tentacles with his eyes bugged out. Lucky quickly wiped, powdered, and covered Chris with a clean diaper and thrust the astonished child into Raymundo’s arms while they cleaned up the mess.

“There!” Lucky stood, human hands and tentacle tips on their hips. “All done!” Raymundo glanced at Chris, whose mouth had also dropped open, a long string of drool hanging from the middle of their bottom lip.

“Get rid of the tentacles.” Ray hissed.

“Oh, whoops.” Lucky giggled and after a couple blinks the extra appendages slurped back inside.

“Abuh.” The string of drool broke and dropped onto the floor. Chris pointed to Lucky and then waved his arms.

Ray sighed. “You’ve traumatized my god child.” He mumbled.

“You told me his dog ate part of your finger in front of him.”

“I’ve traumatized my god child.” He mumbled again.

“He’ll be fine.” Lucky took Chris from Raymundo. “Let’s go play.” Lucky bounced the child on their hip as they left the bathroom. Raymundo stayed perched on the toilet lid for five minutes before he changed his shirt and joined Lucky in the living room before they did something else alien in front of Chris.

Word count: 500

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