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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 12

"Surprise!" Raymundo jerked up, hearing the hollow thud of his wrench dropping into the ship. DJ stood in the doorway, still in his scrubs, laughing at him.

“What the hell!" Raymundo pushed himself to his knees.

DJ put his hands on his non-existent hips. "What the hell is this!?"

"Star Surfer." Raymundo answered before he really decided how much he was going to tell DJ.

"So... A spaceship? That's what it looks like."

"Yeah." Raymundo crossed his arms. "Did you follow me out here?"

"Well, what else can I do when you turn off your phone for hours at a time seemingly disappearing off the face of the Earth!" DJ threw his arms in the air. "Wait, are you trying to leave Earth?"

"No." Raymundo said.

"Well good." DJ put his nose in the air. "I wouldn't want my best bro to die on a broken ship."

"It's not completely broken." Raymundo walked to the wall with the tiny circle hole. Now he had an blunt pencil to put in there to boot the system up again.

It was a bad idea.

Red lights flashed and thin bars descended from the ceiling to surround DJ. INTRUDER flashed across every wall.

"Very funny Ray, now let me out!" DJ grabbed the bars and then yanked his hands back immediately. "Hot!"

"Deactivate!" Raymundo hit the screen when nothing happened, but the virtual keyboard didn't appear either.

"It's getting hotter!" Raymundo glanced over his shoulder to see the bars starting to glow red hot.

"Deactivate security systems!" Raymundo screamed. When that still didn't work he went back to the hole and jammed the pencil to hit the little button at the end.

The ship powered down with a pop, the hum of running electricity dying down.

"Water." DJ croaked. Raymundo grabbed a couple bottles from his backpack and brought them to DJ. The bars will still down, but cooling at least. Raymundo opened one of the plastic bottles and handed it over.

Raymundo had never seen someone quaff down just plain water before. DJ's gulps were audible in the silence.

“Better.” DJ licked his lips. “Next.” Raymundo switched bottles with DJ. The new bottle was upended over DJ's head, water quickly soaking his hair and shoulders.

“Sorry.” Raymundo held a hand near the bars, still feeling the heat in the air. “I didn't know it could do that.”

“Well then.” DJ pushed his black bangs off his forehead. “So... how are you gonna get me out of here?”

“When it's not hot I can use the car jack to make a gap big enough for you to get out.”

“Lucky I'm pretty skinny then.” DJ grinned.

“Of course, it's just another thing I have to fix on the ship.” Raymundo rolled his eyes. “Let this be a lesson on following me.”

“You mean, you're hiding more cool stuff and I should follow you more?”

DJ smirked while Raymundo gave him a blank stare.

Word Count: 498

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