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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 11

As John approached the table in the mall food court, Emily started talking about their checklist.

New, tents check. New sleeping bags, check. A fire starter kit, check. They had the coolers prepped, mostly for water as their plans were for only spending one night at the park.

It was a test. To show their parents they could totally handle their proposed road trip to camp in all the National and most of the State parks after they graduated in a year and a half.

John set his food down and then plopped into the plastic chair across from Emily. She tilted her head, picking up a fry and pointing it at him.

"Why are you sighing over there? We haven't even run into problems yet. Don't tell me your not excited anymore."

"No. I am excited." Emily ate her fries one at a time. "It's not camping that's bugging me."

"Do go on." Emily licked some salt off her fingers. "I don't want this drama hanging over you this weekend.

"It's not dramatic." John picked up his greasy pepperoni pizza. "It's embarrassing."

Emily held up her hand for a second, tilting her head. John listened too, and after some extra concentration, he could hear it, Hannah's laughter from across the room.

"What?" Emily smirked as she brought her head back up straight. "Did you trip in front of Hannah again?"

"Yeah. Later." John sshe turned and sashayed out of the mall cafeteria. "How many other track girls speak Wookiee?"e?"s puffed out a she chewed. "Well, he works at the pizza place here, so we did the whole transaction like that." Emily snorted and then covered her mouth as the tried not to cough.

"You o-",

"Fine!" Emily gasped, thumped her chest and grabbed her soda. "Let me guess. Hannah, standing at the salad bar, heard everything."

"Yeah." Emily laughed with the plastic straw resting against her bottom lip.

"I wish McDonald's was closer to the pizza so I could have hear that." John groaned. "Aww. Don't get her panties in a bunch."

"I'm. Wait, what?" Emily laughed again.

"Just making sure you are listening."

"I wonder why I'd want to take you across the country..."

"John!" Emily smacked the table gently, just missing John's hand.


"Anyway. I don't know why you are so worked up about her. Emily shrugged. "You could do so much better than just another track girl."

John had lots to protest with that statement, but he kept his mouth tightly shut. Hannah was separating from her friends and walking towards them.

"Hey John." Her curly black hair brushed the tops of her shoulders as she leaned over the table. "See you around." She said in a perfect Wookiee voice.

"Yeah. Later." John spoke back, watching her smile before she turned and sashayed out of the mall cafeteria. "How many other track girls speak Wookiee?"

Emily just shook her head and sighed.

Word Count: 496

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