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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 9

The initial gravel drive to and from the campgrounds was windy, back and forth between the trees and around the campsites set up for the illusion of complete isolation in the wilderness.

Skylar was enjoying the close up looks at Earth's natural beauty up until the point their stomach started to feel funny and their eyes were crossing as the world's spin made itself know.

Neither John, nor Emily, (or even Skylar) actually thought the first part of the car ride would give their alien companion a frightening case of nausea. And a sudden one at that.

Luckily Skylar had already played with the window buttons. Knowing exactly what they did the almost perfect Emily doppelganger rolled their window down, stuck their head out like a dog, and proceeded to let their stomach heave its contents up and out their mouth.

John nearly swerved into a tree when seeing Skylar vomit in the side mirror, Emily screamed at the sudden change of motion, and Skylar groaned seeing the remnants of their first Earth snack on the side of the van and some in the gravel below.

"Are you okay?" John had safely brought the van to a stop, knuckles white from the grip on his steering wheel.

"Yeah." Skylar pouted. "My usual body handles motion really differently, and the ship has all kinds of gyroscopes and other equipment to keep exactly this from happening.”

“So...” Emily drummed her fingers on the armrest. “Will you keep getting motion sickness?”

“I don't think so..” Skylar pushed the button to roll up the window again to keep the smell out. “I am adjusted now.”

“Okay. Good.” John stretched his fingers before he put the van into the drive again. “Then let's get out of here before they shut the park down.”

“Here.” Emily shook a container of bright orange tic tacs. “Take a few for your breath.”

“Thanks.” Skylar popped the top open, and attempted to dump them directly into her mouth, but the oblong mints didn't fall out the tiny hole. They had to shake the container over their hand in order to get a few of them to come out. “Hmm...” They pushed the tic tacs around their mouth with their tongue. “Interesting taste.”

Word count: 378

Pink quill with a small pink line behind the tip. "AllisonWrote" written in blue.

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