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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 7

John shook his head at the giant cardboard cutout of a happy faced open avocado. Why on earth did they need such a kitschy display to advertise food?

“Wait!” Skylar brushed past him and held her arms up to the cardboard cutout. “I didn't think Earth had plants with faces!”

“Shhh.” John grabbed Skylar's arm. “No,” John whispered. “That's just a picture.”

“Oh.” Skylar tilted their head. “But, why?” John shrugged.

“Anyway. We have shopping to do.” He sighed. “This is going to be complicated.” Emily's cane clicked on the ground as she walked past John and Skylar.

“We get one of everything.” She thumped her cane against the bottom of the avocado stand. “That's not contemplated.”

“Yeah, but there's a lot for Skylar to try.” John started ripping some bags.

“And take samples.” Skylar added, pushing the cart back and forth.

“Race ya!” Skylar looked over their shoulder, watching as two young boys lined their carts up next to each other. “Ready...” The blond boy smirked at his friend.

“Steady...” The red haired boy adjusted his hands on the handle of the cart.

“Go!” Both boys shouted and started running with their carts towards the produce section.

“Skylar! Watch out!” John shouted. He watched Skylar turn instead of moving, catching the front edge of the carts with their hands before they crashed into them.

“Woah.” The red haired boy's brown eyes grew wide. “Didn't that hurt your hands?”

“No.” Skylar glanced at their hands, pursing their lips at the new redness on their palms.


“Are you sure you're okay Skylar?” John grabbed one of Skylar's arms, looking at their hand.

“Hi John!” Vince waved.

“Oh no,” John stepped back. “Double Trouble is here.” The boys grinned at each other and then Skylar.

“She stopped our racing carts without even a grimace of pain!” Vince shouted.

“I saw.” John stepped partially in front of Skylar. “Now, run along. I'm sure your mom will be calling for you any moment.”

“Vince!” John raised his eyebrows as a distraught voice carried over the aisles. “Luke!”

“All right.” Vince sighed as Luke grabbed his arm. “Skylar, we need to race sometime!” Vince waved before he and his brother disappeared down aisle three.

“Don't race them.” John sighed. “Don't anything with them, since they will get you in trouble. And the last thing we need is you getting in trouble.”

“Hurry up you two!” Emily called. “I'm not squeezing fruit for my health over here!”

“Coming!” Skylar grabbed their cart and copied when Vince and Luke had done to reach Emily at top speed. Against all of John's protests.

Word count: 436

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