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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 10

At the moment Raymundo was staring at a tangle of frayed wires wondering which ones to reconnect. His pone started ringing.

"Hey DJ." Raymundo said. He held the phone up to his ear with one hand while he used a plastic tube to move the wires around to study them.

“Ray!" DJ yelled. He almost always yelled. "You'll never believe who I saw at the hospital today!"

"A gelatin creature with one eye?"

"Dude, are you high?"

"You told me I'd never guess." Ray sighed and switched the phone and tube around to continue trying looking at the problem from new angles. "So..."

"Your doppelganger! Exciting right?" While DJ rambled off a few facts about doppelgangers and the statistics, Raymundo tuned him out thinking about the repairs in front of him.

"Hey, you listening?"

"What are the odds?" Raymundo grumbled as he pushed himself to his feet. He put his phone on speaker so he could leave it and walk to take a look at the ship schematics. Again. "You say the odds are tiny."

"Hmph." DJ said. "Maybe you and your doppelganger act more alike than I thought "

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Sometimes your inner jerk shows. And your doppelganger was a real douche you know."

“Oh really?” Raymundo was distracted by the schematics, so he did not notice a panel near his feet opened up, and a small tube extended. It scanned his body as he ascended.

“Yep.” DJ's voice prattled on while the tube stopped a few inches from Raymundo's ear. “He came up to the counter, and started demanding we let him see the patient in room two-oh-” The light blinked, and then a jet of water hit Raymundo's ear canal.

“Ah!” Raymundo flinched away, and covered the thin tube with a finger to stop the water flow or at least, keep the stream out of his ear. Water still leaked from around his finger as he stood there, hearing muted from the trapped water.

“You okay?” DJ asked.

“Yeah.” Raymundo jerked his head to the side to dislodge the water from his ear. A little box was blinking on the screen and he tapped it. The system message advised him that the douche was active. “DJ, I'll call you later to hear more.”

“You better.”

Raymundo waited for DJ to hang up before he cursed. “Deactivate douche.” Water stopped leaking and the tube sunk back into the ground. “So the speakers are broken, the scanners are on the fritz, navigation still thinks this is Mars, but the bidet works.” Raymundo shook his head again. The tube started ascending again. “No! Bidet off!”

Raymundo ran his fingers through his hair as the tube once more started to go back where it came from “All right. I think I'm gonna need some electrical tape. And some solder.” He picked up his supplies. “Til next time Star Surfer.” The lights turned off, so at least that worked.

Word Count: 498

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