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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 107

When an old silent movie became their form of entertainment for the night, Raymundo decided to make things more interesting. Whoever guessed the villain before the reveal would get to have the last bag of m&m’s.

Not even ten minutes into the film Raymundo knew the answer. "She's the witch." Ray took a handful of Lucky's popcorn while they were distracted by the movie.

"How can you tell?" The bed squeaked as they gestured to the screen with a hand. "The movie just started."

"The wart on the side of their nose."

"What?" Turning their body towards him gave Ray the perfect opportunity to take popcorn. Also the perfect opportunity to get caught, but he took that chance. Trying to be quick about it only succeeded in spilling some popcorn across the dark green comforter as Lucky slapped his hand. "Why does a wart have anything to do with being a bad witch?" They pulled the bowl close to their chest and watched Ray's hands.

"Because Hollywood, especially in these old films, used a lot of negative depictions for the bad guys. Like, bad witches with warts and green skin, while the good witches were beautiful and flawless."

"But," Lucky glanced back the movie. "It doesn't make any sense!"

Ray continued to try to steal Lucky’s popcorn while Lucky kept trying to figure out why Hollywood would make villains so obviously ugly. Reputedly.

“Told you!” Ray pointed to the screen just as the cue card outlining the classic bad guy monologue appeared on screen. “She’s the witch!” The character came back on screen. While the villain shook their fist, their knuckles brushed the tip of their long nose, their wart wiggling each time.

“Fine.” Lucky held out the candy bag. “Guess you get to eat the snack.”

“Either you were too slow with your database,” He took a small handful of the m&m’s as he settled the Styrofoam bowl in his lap, “or you don’t actually like chocolate and you lost on purpose.” Tossing one candy in the air, he leaned his head back with his mouth wide open and his tongue sticking out.

“A girl never reveals her tricks.” He snorted and the m&m changed course and bumped into his nostril before tumbling down the side of his face.

“You meant a magician.” He tried again, but this toss didn’t end any better. “Or secrets.”

“I think you humans have too many idioms.” Lucky yawned. “Good night.” They stretched their arms out in front of them and shifted back into their cat form. Getting out of the pile of clothes was just a bit tricky with their claws snagging on the fabric, but Lucky eventually made it out. They left to the pillow on the other bed and curled up.

Ray twisted the bag of m&m’s and set them on the nightstand to save for later. He turned off the TV and wiggled under the blankets.

Word count: 487

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

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