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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 101

The small TV had static on every channel except one. Usually it had more, but apparently the antenna was useless in the rain, and this motel was too cheap to provide cable.

Raymundo found himself watching something he never thought he would before, the final gubernatorial debate before the polls opened. Different people, different state, same promises. Raymundo was tempted to switch channels, surely it would be more entertaining to squint and try to make out something else than it would be to listen to politics.

Lucky had long given up on relying on the TV for entertainment. They had gone back into cat form and had been stalking a housefly for the past twenty minutes. The insect had landed on a straw sitting in Raymundo's soda from lunch. Lucky’s tail carefully flicked as they walked along the edge of the desk, eyes on the bug.

Lucky crouched while the fly was rubbing its front legs together, ready to pounce. As the fly turned its back to rub its hind legs together, Lucky flew through the air.

And missed.

The fly buzzed away while Lucky crashed into the lidless cup, spilling the half melted ice and dregs of soda onto the already badly stained carpet.

"Lucky!" Raymundo jumped from the bed. Dabbing at the spill with napkins was ineffective, the napkins from the burger place falling apart almost as soon as it touched liquid. “You are going to get us in trouble.”

“But I’m bored.” The second bed creaked from the weight of Lucky back in human form. “And how are they going to know we spilled?”

“You spilled.” Raymundo picked up the ice cubes and tossed them in the trash.

“Fine.” When Ray glanced back at them, Lucky tossed the dark shiny hair of Becky’s he was so fond of. “But still? I doubt anyone can tell if someone was bleeding on the floor.”

“Well your cat hair,” he picked up a clump that was stuck to the side of his cup, “is much more noticeable.” He tossed it too. “And no pets allowed.”

“No one would raise an eyebrow if we said it was a rat.” Lucky stretched, resting her elbows on the foot of her bed, toes lightly tapping on the headboard. “Or a mouse.”

“Unless someone took a closer look.” Ray leaned back on his ankles and looked back at Lucky. “Though I suppose you could just run around here as a rodent.” She smirked.

“Careful what you wish for buddy.” His stomach twisted as he watched Lucky shrink, their face elongate, pointy teeth growing from their gums, and fur bursting across all of their skin.

Rat Lucky started running around the room, giving Raymundo some much needed entertainment while the debate ended and an infomercial for knives began.

It was even more entertaining when Raymundo shape shifted into a rat as well.

Word count: 477

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